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EXUPAIR was founded in 2021 by aviation professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field. The goal was clear: to provide a reliable end-to-end service at the most competitive rates.

Throughout the years, the founders realized that the General Aviation and Military entities were looking for something that the flight support market was not providing efficiently. They were needing transparency, flexibility from its partners as well as adaptation capability to Operating Procedures.

The company adopted these characteristics as part of its core values, being a few of the main reasons of its existence. Now, clients can expect an efficient and clear service from end to end.

EXUPAIR also plays a key social role as a generator of more opportunities for the young, by helping to introduce them to the exciting world of Aviation. And, as part of our Social Responsibility chart, EXUPAIR aims to help ONGs to achieve their Humanitarian missions, by providing services with priority and selflessly.

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