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General Aviation

For business travel, Ferry, Air Ambulance or just private pleasure flying, you can rely on EXUPAIR to plan your trip.

We provide worldwide, end-to-end Aviation Support services at the highest standards and the most competitive rates in the market.

If you are in need of Ground Handling, Cargo handling, FBO or crew/PAX transportation, or into-plane refueling, you can rely on us to take care of it throughout our network of ground support agents and FBOs located all around the world.



General Aviation Flight Support

Governmental & Military

Nothing better to handle Military flight operations than those who have a strong military background and experience in military flight operations themselves.

What sets EXUPAIR apart is that we provide a team of military specialists and a unique Point of Contact to coordinate and support Governmental, State and Military flight operations – even at the most austere and remote locations.

Additionally, we can support your operations at military bases, throughout our network and regular contact with armed forces, MoD’s and Embassies.




Governmental Aviation Support
VVIP / State Flights

VVIP / General Aviation

Humanitarian Flights


Humanitarian Flights

Military Transport

State / Military Transport

Aerial Firefighting

Aerial Firefighting

Some of The Ways That We Can Provide Assistance Include

Access to JET-A1 or AVGAS through our worldwide network of fuel suppliers, at the best rates.

Our experts can assist you obtaining Overflight and Landing Permits, as well as Slots and PPR, in association with the local Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and industry partners.

We can rent your cars, VANs or any other VIP vehicles as well as to organise your transport from/to the Airport.

Choose the menu from the best caterers

Whether you need to bring back your aircraft home or need pilots to do so, EXUPAIR can help make it possible

Coordinate the needed Ground Handling services through a single Point of Contact anywhere in the world, even at remote and austere locations, and obtain official confirmation and real-time Movement Reports.

We provide computerised Flight Plans and Dispatch Packages with the needed flight docs like weather charts and NOTAMs. We can file it on your behalf as well.

When able and needed, VIP lounge can be arranged for VIP PAX and crews at special rates

We book your hotel, according to your needs, transfer time and distance from the airport

We assist in organizing the logistics for spare parts and other equipments for private and Defense organisations, at almost any location in the world, thanks to our consolidated network of logistics partners.

Ready to take off?

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